Dude Gets Trucked By The Cops After Leading Them On A High Speed Chase But Not Before Breaking One Of Their Ankles With Some Razzle Dazzle




Screen Shot 2017-05-19 at 8.26.16 AM  Expose him!!





Best police evasion effort I’ve seen in a longgggg time.  That burst.  That breakaway speed.   NFL scouts call that get-away-from-the-cops speed for a reason.  That endurance.  Hitting him with the little stutter-step razzle dazzle and breaking his ankles in half.  I don’t know what you did, criminal, but you fucked up turning to a life of crime instead of football.


Also, man…what a shitty job to be a cop.   Imagine having to do this at any minute’s notice?  Go from sitting in your air conditioned squad car reading the paper to fucking SPRINTING around the god damn city?  Chasing some crazy ex track star through the fucking shrubbery?  Getting crossed up and embarrassed and having it go viral due to your own damn helicopter?  So brutal.  The badge and the gun is cool and everything but like, I’m all set with the physical exertion and pavement scars and constant risk of death.





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