Luke Willson Describing The End Of The Super Bowl On Evening Yak Was One Of The Best Clips I've Seen In A Longgggg Time

Full version.

5 minute cut up below:

I was in bed doing my thing where I run through Twitter one more time before I pass out and caught this Evening Yak clip.  We had it up on the Radio page earlier but I just had to get it up here at the top for people to watch while they’re chillin tonight.

One of my favorite 5 minute clips I’ve watched at Barstool.  Nothing crazy going on, no shtick or characters or scripted scenes.  Just Luke Wilson sitting down with Big Cat, John and Rone giving an inside look from his perspective of the ending of that crazy Super Bowl.  Completely laid back and honest with all the insight only a guy who lived through it up close could give.

This is EXACTLY what we want from athletes.  Obviously Big Cat got it.  Just a fresh, conversational, no bullshit look at what’s going on and how you felt about it.  It’s understandable why it’s so hard to get, with careers on the line, contracts, image, PR stuff.  Luke Willson giving his no-bullshit real-talk take on everything was refreshing and awesome.

Love this guy and love Evening Yak.