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Barstool Radio On Power 85 Launches Tomorrow. Here Is The Lineup.

Tomorrow is the big day. The day when we change the radio game forever. Barstool Radio on Power 85 is launching. Our own channel to do whatever the fuck we want with. Here is the schedule. Keep in mind we are still in the works with a few more shows and some things may shift slightly but here is the opening day/week lineup. Notice a few big key acquisitions to bolster the lineup. Hello Willie Colon and Liz Gonzales.

7-9am – Barstool Breakfast featuring Julie Stewart Binks, Willie Colon, Francis
10 – 12am – Pat McAfee Show
12-1pm – Heartland Radio
1- 2pm – Chicks in the Office featuring Fran and Ria
4-6pm – Barstool Radio featuring KFC, Pres and Liz Gonzales
6-7pm – Evening Yak featuring Big Cat, Rone and Carrabis

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