Beer League Heroes - The Montage

If you caught episode 2 of Beer League Heroes, you already know that we opened our season with a 6-0 loss. Not exactly the best way to get the year going. But think back to Rocky for a moment. What happened when times were tough for him? At his darkest hour, how did he turn his fortune around during every single movie? With a montage, of course. It’s scientifically proven that after a montage, you can do and accomplish anything you set your mind to. It’s pretty much a legal alternative to steroids. We’ll see if this gets the job done as our next game is tonight at 9:45. Early bird special as far as beer league games go.

Oh and before any of you idiots try to chirp me about that shotgun, just know that Eric Lindros already has so your words mean literally nothing after that.

P.S. – Quite a few homeless people in the city thought I actually played for the Flyers. Really needed that ego boost after the ridicule I get on this website.

[Film and editing by Kevin Crowe. You can check out his site  here and on Twitter @towelie_007.]


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