Barstool Week 4 Fantasy Podcast W/ @BalesFootball And Drunk @UncleChaps Is LIVE

Link to Soundcloud Podcast

Sidenote: I am aware, the audio STINKS out loud. Hopefully that gets fixed sooner than later, which in this office means never.

And we’re off! Chaps continues his NYC tour by offering his NFL, er, Jaguars insight on the Barstool Fantasy Podcast. Overall probably our most entertaining episode this year. Knowledge wise? Eh, not so much. But either hit up myself to see who you should mush @SmittyBarstool or the FF Guru for legitimate, accurate information that helps @BalesFootball. We’ll see you in the money.


And go to for all your Daily Fantasy needs. “It tells you how to sling dick.” – Jonathan Bales – Founder,

PS – Laugh out loud funny, if you regularly listen to the podcast. And judging by the numbers, you haven’t. Still humorous.

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