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Barstool Idol Meets The Dozen And A Hidden Beef Uncovered

It's Day 3 of Barstool Idol and the contestants are working with a lot of potential future co-workers today. They competed in The Dozen, did a Lowering the Bar, went on Out & About, did a Whine Walk with PFT, sat at the bar for Friday Night Pints, and are now streaming a Mets game with Frank the Tank. As expected, we had a few growing pains.

The Dozen included some very familiar face mashups...

As for the stream, it turns out there was only room in the gambling cave for one big man and it wasn't Jeff Nadu.

EDIT: Luke was also there, so there was room for exactly two big men.

We also discovered there was a hidden beef between two contestants.

Tune in TONIGHT at 7pm for Night 3 where two more people will go home. It'll be on the Barstool Sports main YouTube page, but throw some love to the Barstool Yak channel and subscribe! And watch today's full Yak below: