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People Are Calling Tommy Smokes The Most Underrated Guest In Snake Draft History

The title really says it all but it bears repeating. People are saying Tommy Smokes is by far and away the most underrated guest that we have on the Snake Draft and I'm not one to disagree. And before I continue I obviously mean this as no disrespect to some of our heavy hitters like Clem and Rico and even that scalawag Ryan Whitney. Of course those guys are monsters in their own right as evidenced by the thick body of work. 

But lurking in the shadows is a man named Smokes. Tommy "Pringles Can" Scibelli. A man so perfectly in-tune with his own strengths and weaknesses. A guy so deliberately prepared to go all 5 rounds with wit and wisdom. Somebody who doesn't beg for the spotlight but in some ways just can't help but avoid it. And when he gets there, he categorically delivers in ways the Yankees starting pitching staff has failed for so many seasons in a row now. 

If you don't believe me, listen/watch this week's draft and make your own judgment. We draft awkward moments with no restrictions or categories. A classic freestyle draft with the top popped to get creative. As I'm saying above, Smokes delivers big time and we very much appreciate it. About time he starts getting some respect and credit around here as a snake draft guest that deserves a crowd. 

Again, go watch and see for yourself but I'm not wrong. On that note, take me word for it and subscribe to our YouTube channel. Every subscriber helps me feed my dog. Thank you. 

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