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$50k On The Line And It's Time To Ride Or Die With The Indiana Hoosiers

Indiana vs Wyoming looked like a game from 1889 where a man has to remove the ball from a peach basket, but this is March and the name of the game is survive and advance. No gold star on the bracket next to your name for style points. As expected Wyoming came to post up in the paint 1 million times, and thank GOD TJD showed up. Essentially the whole Indiana team other than him were playing with super tight buttholes. First "big game" (it's hard to call a First Four game a big game) for the program in awhile, it's normal to be nervous. I just hope the Indiana team isn't creating pressure on themselves for saying they were going prove they belonged AND since Team Clem/Vibbs drafted The Hoosiers in the Sling Sleepers Bracket Challenge. 

All you can ask for is Indiana and Mike Woodson bring some defense to the tourney and pray the shots eventually start falling. Miller Kopp stock has never been higher after Dave and Kopp chirped at each other on twitter, and then joined the Dave Portnoy Show. If Kopp can hit 3's at the clip he is capable of - Kopp stock the moon.

When I looked at the bracket I liked IU's chances better vs their next opponent St. Mary's than I did Wyoming. That probably means IU will lose by 20, but I feel great. If there was ever a Sleeper Team to ride with it's the Indiana Hoosiers. There is literally a movie about an underdog team getting slept on and making it farther than anyone ever expected called fucking HOOSIERS. MY TEAM IS ON THE FLOOR. INDIANA AND TEAM CLEM/VIBBS TO THE CHAMPIONSHIP.