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Ranking The Best & Worst Tattoos I've Given To Co-Workers

Ink Everyone Else's Body I Don't Give A Mother Fuck. Every artist has to start somewhere, and I'm not even two sessions into my tattoo career and I already have a fat fucking diverse portfolio of ink. Some haters out there like to say I'm not an artist, but they are angry because they don't have eyeballs on their shit like I do. 

*please no screen-shotting my artwork like it's some cheap fucking NFT*

6. *.*. ****** : Cool S / Superman S

This was my first ever attempt at a tattoo, and my worst tattoo ever. I attempted to trace the cool S instead of drawing it with the six lines like you used to do on your school folders. This is why you don't pass a rookie the ball with the game on the line. .. * was an absolute man for stepping up to the plate and agreeing to go first. God Bless Him.

5. Feitelberg: Sour Gummy Candy 

The line work in this tattoo is incredible, some of my best. Choosing red ink was a huge mistake. Instead of looking like a delicious sour gummy, this tattoo looks like a gross skin rash. This happened to me with the tattoo of Indiana I let Feits, Nick, and *.. * put on my arm. (That's not eczema, that's Indianapolis.) 

4. Joey Camasta: Happy and Sad Faces 

This is a modern and more simplistic version of laugh now, cry later. Poetic. Only problem is the faces both look like they have Bels Palsy. Good news is if Joey or someone he loves is having a stroke, he will be able to spot it right away.

3. Kayce Smith: Viva

If Kayce were going to Warped Tour this summer an inside the lip tattoo would fit right in with some of the sickest 15 year old skater mother fuckers. The line work sucks because surprise, it's hard to tattoo someone's lip. Although Kacey claimed it didn't hurt, shout out to her for willing to go inside the lip. 

2. Kelly Keegs: Eye 

Kind of hard to compete when at the same time Nick Clicky is getting professional eyes tattooed that make the eye I drew look like Rigg's old bad eye. Nothing flashy with this tat, but great line work. 

1. Nick Turani: Portrait of Grandma

This is art. When I die, this abstract grandma portrait will set the art world on fire. When Nick dies, they will cut it off his leg and frame it. This majestic tat is practically in The Louvre already since you can find in on the Barstool Sports Store.