I Am The Best Hockey Brawler In The Office

Watch out Biz, there is a new hockey brawler in the office. I can't shoot a puck or properly stop in skates, but I'm willing to die on the ice. Has Biz ever passionately savagely ripped an opponent's shirt right off their body? Has Biz ever gone full bath salts and tried to kiss bite off an opponent's face? Nope. Anything for Team Rone and Labatt Blue. 

Team Rone has been debilitated by penalties in the Good Beer Games and found itself on the losing end in the last two challenges. Despite completely legal and fair play all while showing our self-defense mannequin a good time at the arcade, Team Rone is getting absolutely hosed by commissioner Large. 

Luckily for Team Rone, the final challenge tomorrow (3v3 hockey) is worth extra points, so the 4 point deficit between the teams can be overcome with 1 simple win. Don't miss the last episode of Team Rone vs Team Caleb in the Good Beer Games tomorrow at Noon.

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