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Dana "I Don't Want To Be The Bad Guy" Beers Is The Bad Guy

Episode 2 in a nutshell - Glenny ate a pound of gator, Spider is a completely unhinged competitor, Dana B cuts me from our winning Blue team, Kelly Keegs and I stay friends. 

After swimming around a ball pit, trudging for frisbee's so Dana Beers could brick 500 shots only to get cut from the winning team stung a little extra when you factor in Dana didn't have to send me over to the Yellow Team. Bringing someone over from the Yellow Team would have eliminated Dana needing to be "the bad guy", but he wanted to keep together the Blue Big 3 of Dana, Marty, and Pat.  

Dana booting me from Blue Team gave the Yellow Captain, Spider, the opportunity to do a solid and send a fellow yellow over to the winning blue team. Spider chose to send Kelly Keegs to the blue team to celebrate with the victors in the Air BnB while yellow slept in a PCB parking lot on the RV. 

As a friend, I was happy for Keegs. Does this look like the face of a man who was disappointed and down bad because Kelly was immediately pried off the team and out of his hands before he got to spend time with her? Not a chance.

Now it's time for RV Vibbs to recoup and devise a strategy for Nashville episode 3 tonight …

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