Barstool Chicago Drinks Beer Outside: StoolGating Episode 5 Presented By Miller Lite (VIDEO)

Thanks to Brandt and Bubba and the boys from 3rd and Short for letting me crash their watch party last weekend. I know we're not the fanciest people in the world but honestly who gives a shit. It's about hanging out with the boys, crushing some ice cold beers and having a blast. Sure maybe the TV could be a little bigger but it's a lot harder to find 13 good buddies to smoke pork belly and watch football with for 10 hours on a Sunday. The fact you pair a day like that with 8 cases of Miller Lite is even better. (No ice necessary this time of year.) 

To bad the Bears lost. Fortunately we got some more football left to play. Thanks to Miller Lite for getting us through these tough times. 

And fuck that guy who doesn't like Mitch. That guy sucks.