Pete Carroll’s Latest Monster Safety Quandre Diggs Sits Down for a 3 Minute Tryst

Welcome to the 3 Minute Tryst, a 3-minute conversation series exploring sports, music, business and culture in a fun, playful and light atmosphere. Check out the last episode of 3MT with Minnesota Viking All Pro tight end Kyle Rudolph.

This week I sat down with emerging cornerback Quandre Diggs. Diggs (younger brother of legendary corner Quentin Jammer) was a 6th round draft pick who immediately became a stellar defensive back for the Detroit Lions, being named defensive team captain at the beginning of last year before inexplicably being traded a few games in … to the Seattle Seahawks. Pete Carroll could not believe his eyes when Diggs became available, and snatched him up to patrol the secondary (joined by his friend Jamal Adams) in what might just be a reincarnation of the Legion of Boom. 

We had a fun conversation that covered a lot of topics. Quandre talked about his love of NBA2K (and beating his friend Tyler Lockett), playing and winning his NBA fantasy league, who has the best taste in music in the locker room -- and whether they listen to Future -- and whether he misses playing quarterback, a position he excelled at in high school. 

As always, I put Quandre through the Rapid Fire Questions gauntlet (sponsored by Bussin’ With the Boys), where he Start-Bench-Cut Lebron, Iverson, and KD, talked about the best way to keep the locker room loose, and named the toughest WR in the NFL to cover in the slot.

A lot of the interview ended up on the cutting room floor, so here’s a transcript of some of things that didn’t make the video, including his thoughts on the combine, what’s it like to play for a coach who understands secondaries in Pete Carroll, whether Seattle is remaking the Legion of Boom, and the difference between the Detroit and Seattle fan bases.

TK: You were pick #200 in the draft … you recently said the combine is “a bunch of shit.” What do you think the combine doesn’t show?

QUANDRE: I don’t think the combine shows you the heart and the mental aspect that’s behind  the game. At the combine there’s a lot of guys who are Combine Warriors. You put them in shorts and t-shirts they look phenomenal out there, but you put those pads on? It’s a whole different story. You can run a 4.3 or 4.4 in freaking shorts and a t-shirt, but what you gonna run out on the field when the ball is in the air?

TK: Pete Carroll is known for having an exceptional eye for secondaries and specifically for safeties. Did knowing how much he wanted you to be in the locker room take some of the sting out of the trade and how it all went down?

QUANDRE: That is definitely true and it definitely helped in my transition just knowing he specifically wanted me here. It was cool when I got here, I had an hour and a half with Pete just going over what he thinks about safeties, and what he wants me to do in this defense. Different stuff like that. That was cool. He’s a legendary coach. Any time a head coach is a secondary guy, that’s kind of cool, because when he says something about film, you can believe him. 

TK: Did you know you would excel at safety in the Cover 3?

QUANDRE: I’m a pretty confident player, so I think my ability can fit in at a lot of places. I came in as a corner, so it was just about knowing the game. When I see something, I go and play fast. That’s kind of what I do. I do a lot of study of offenses. And it helps with a great supporting cast, where everyone is good and does their job well.

TK: When Jamal [Adams] came through and that trade happened, were you thinking Legion of Boom all over again?

QUANDRE: Nah. We want to be our own thing. For us, it’s like being our own selves and let those guys with their legendary run that they had, let that be in the past. Respect their legacy and just be the best we can be.

TK: Biggest difference between the Detroit and Seattle fan bases?

QUANDRE: Both great fan bases, but I think the 12 is everywhere. I remember going to events in Austin and the 12 was out in Austin. Both great fan bases, but that 12? It’s everywhere.