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Neighbor’s Tree Is Down And My Power Is Out ...

by Twisted History producer John Kelly, research by Saint Anne

New Jersey was ravaged today by storm Isaias.


“Everything got destroyed,” Amanda Zarfino, co-owner of The Brook Tap House, said. “All the tents flew away. We brought in as much as we could yesterday, those tents are a pain in the butt to put up to begin with, but we should have brought those in. But we didn’t, so everything’s ruined now.”

Large and Clem were not spared from the destruction:

We would have recorded 'The Twisted History of Wrestling' with Clem Daddy tonight, but with no power - I'll have to keep you updated on when the pod will be out tomorrow. Maybe we will make an appearance in the Barstool office??? Who knows. Follow us @twistedhistory for updates. 

If you haven't been listening to the podcast, this gives you a minute to catch up and get ready for the next few PACKED episodes, featuring some excellent first-time guests:

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