Barstool Outdoors S2 Episode 6: Big Fat Florida Bass

There is something special about a Bass.  I spent thousands of hours of my youth standing on the bank of some random pond/lake/creek in Missouri twitching Texas rigged worms past dark shadows next to downed trees looking for that familiar thump.  Its a feeling I've felt endless times but also feels just as exciting today as it did in 2004.  Its a feeling that is ingrained in your stomach from the time you start fishing and re-visited every time you start it back up again.  No matter how many giant sharks or groupers or other ocean creatures you run into, you always will be able to find that familiar feeling again when you need to and it will feel like home.   

Largemouth Bass are one of the most popular gamefish in the entire world.  There is probably a very strong argument that they are THE most popular gamefish given the entire industry devoted to catching them.  They are abundant through many different places, and are a willing participant for anglers of all skill levels.  I remember when I was a little kid and went to a "fish camp" during  summer break.  We would basically just get dropped off at a different lake every day and have to be back on the bus by a certain time, what you did in between was kind of up to you.  There were lots of Bluegills caught, and a few catfish, but the real way to become a "cool kid" at camp was to be the one catching Bass.  Well lo and behold, mid-way through the week I was using an old fashioned worm on a bobber near a downed tree and BOOM.  My bobber disappeared faster than I'd ever seen in my life.  This wasn't a little bluegill or tommycod, it was a big old bass.  I had caught Bass before, but never one this big.  When I pulled it up on the bank my eyes almost fell out of my head... it was HUGE!  In reality it was probably 3-4 lbs, but to a little kid, it was the biggest thing I'd ever seen come out of a pond and I was HOOKED.  Someone took a picture on a disposable camera (I feel old), and I saw it one time after it got developed and it got lost after that, but the image is burned in my mind.  I still go back to that same exact spot today and throw a few baits in to the same spot every time, just in case he's still there!  Something I will never forget.

Captain Dean Herdman is one of the most genuine guys in this business.  He was super motivated to put us on big fish and he did just that.  The guy lives and breathes bass fishing and will definitely put you on good fish and a fun time.  Give him a call and get on some fish.  His number is 352-250-1007 and his website is!