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Diy Goofin: Building Stairs Is Very Difficult When It's 100000000 Degrees

This process was a nightmare. It's been so fucking hot here that I didnt even want to be out there. I was pretty happy with everything and then wifey asked me to fix it and make the treads wider. I was gutted, but I did it anyway. I went back to lowes and picked up 4 more 2x12x12s which are HEAVY. These things are solid. It's the first thing that my circular saw, well after I learned to use it, struggled cutting. A couple of pauses but we pushed through. 

I was done for the second time and then for the second time, she said she wanted the treads wider. I was SO HOT. It's was like 100 degrees. I had been working for hours already and had to come up with a plan to fix the steps. I did and the third time was the charm. I gotta say, it looks pretty fucking good. Worth the heat? That remains to be seen. 

We just gotta add some pillows/cushions to the outdoor couch which I also added another rail so you fuckers would stop calling it a bench. 

If you would have told me that I built this 2 months ago, I wouldn't have believed you. Im very happy with it. 

Check out the couch build here if you havent seen it. The rest of the videos are on ZBT's youtube page as well.