Breaking Down The Teams For Tonight's Optic Tournament: Why My Team Will Dominate

Anytime you combine NFL Stars, HBO Legends, one of the biggest esports Organizations in the world and a company bound for the moon, it deserves a blog. Let's take a look at the teams...

Team Honk: This is a team that I am genuinely worried about. Hank and Tarik have BRAND NEW ACCOUNTS and TJ is disgusting but never plays Warzone. Rik’s 3.3 KD put him, as hard as it is to say, in the #1 pro athlete Warzone player conversation. Rik is known to rage so I’m hoping Hank fucks up early because it will TRIGGER Rik. He does not have any issue verbally abusing less skilled players. This will be top tier content.

Team Balls: Kenny from Optic was shockingly available at #2. In my opinion, this kid is the best player in this tournament. He will be placed in bot lobbies with Balls and Jerry Ferrara (both receiving double points for kills) and if they can get a win and add a 20 point bonus to a good game, I’d be concerned. Kenny is FULLY capable of making this team a problem and keeping them competitive. Jerry and Balls' chemistry is going to be a factor. 

Team WSD: If you watched the draft this was the FUNNIEST moment hands down. He tried to draft Jkap (who was also a captain) and I was dying watching this. You can’t replicate Barstool content. 

Chino is an ANIMAL and "Cryle Fan Boy" can hold his own when he's locked in. KV is the X factor here, he’s going to have to be on his A game on the sticks and composure wise. I can absolutely see him shitting on WSD, if they butt heads someone please clip it. KV is a known Duggs hater and provides TOP TIER content. 

Team Slasher: Austin “Slasher” is all business. Guy is an established pro who has been dominant, and there is no question this is the top-ranked team led by a composed, competitive, fearless leader. He’s basically a much cooler, better looking, and talented version of JFap. Chase Edmonds and I are both above 2.5 KD and have 250+ wins. However, I have some insider info. Chase and Christian Kirk have left their usual PC set ups home as they are in LA for a month working with a specific trainer getting locked in for the season. They have been playing sparingly as they are grinding, they might be rusty. Chase staying composed and knowing when to switch the SMG and Sniper around is going to be crucial. Statistically this team should pull out the W. I’m going to lock mouth-breathing, no-com giving, kill-whore Muj in a room and try to facilitate Slasher being the legend he is. Fuck Kap. 


Team JKap: Kirk is the X factor on the sticks, composure wise it’s Kap. This guy is super competitive and is known to have meltdowns if something gets in his head. I would not be surprised to see him lose his mind dealing with Smitty randomly landing hospital. The General will have to decide if he wants to make content, or win this tournament. Kirk is a 2.7+ KD guy and more than capable of holding his own, Smitty and JFap getting along is going to be crucial for this team. 

About to get some runs in now over on my channel. Gonna play all day so I'm red hot for when the tournament starts. Tune in >