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WE'RE GOING TO BORRELLI'S: Frankie Borrelli Advances To The Second Round Of The Chiclets Cup Presented By DEVOUR

In what was dubbed the closest series of the entire Chiclets Cup so far, Frankie Borrelli advances to the 2nd Round of the Chiclets Cup after two close wins over Pat Connaughton of the Milwaukee Bucks. Frankie showed his skills both on and off the ice, where his coaching skills really came into play with the changing of the Islanders lines before Game 1. I'm no expert, but Anders Lee and Josh Bailey looked pretty damn good together tonight, and they may be due to Borrelli's last minute change. Now comes the question: Do we regret letting an NBA player play in our tournament? And the answer is absolutely not. Patty-Ice is the definition of a beauty and I can guarantee that dude gained a lot more fans tonight. We'll be back again next Tuesday. Be sure to tune in.