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Attention Sweets Lovers: KB's Banana Cream Pie Recipe From Today's 'Morning Sunshine'

I know Brandon already posted today's episode but I just wanted to give some shine to our special recurring field correspondents who always seem to hit you right in your heart with their fantastic ANUS.

Nick was gracious enough to be our weatherman for an episode of Morning Sunshine last week where it looked like the forecast was possibly murder at the hands of KB. I wasn't sure we'd hear from either of them again, and we for sure haven't heard from Nick since then, but I was delighted when KB popped back up to share a special - yet intense - West Virginia family recipe today starting at 07:44 in the episode.

KB's Family Banana Cream Pie


Egg (halves)


Cottage Cheese



Ope! … but you'll have to watch for yourself to see how he whips these strange ingredients into an unexpectedly delicious dessert. Very cool.

Thanks for being on the show & sharing with us Kyle!!! 

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