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Mole People Sleeping In Social Distancing Squares aka Parking Spots?

With the re-release of the Mole People documentary, stoolies on twitter were curious about what would happen to the mole people during the pandemic? I didn't have an answer last week, but it looks like Vegas has everything covered in terms of helping the homeless...

The mole people survive in an almost post apocalyptic world under the streets of Vegas, so a pandemic won't slow up a mole person's day to day. BUT, when you have no place to put the homeless, except a parking spot, it's only going to drive more of the homeless population to the tunnels that are already riddled with filth and infectious disease. 

There are a million problems to take care of during a pandemic, and those problems have a million people working tirelessly on solutions. Hate to bring up another problem, but this isn't the first time Vegas has whiffed with their homelessness issue.

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