ATI Top 10: #9 Learn All About Whitney Cummings' Orgasms On This Episode Of Answer The Internet

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A true KFC Radio classic on this edition of ATI. Cum every time you hear "All Star" by Smash Mouth...or every time you hear "All Star" by Smash Mouth, you cum. On the one hand, Smash Mouth becomes like your victory song. Like your version of We Are The Champions. You bust that nut and all the sudden you hear that guitar hit along with "someBODY once told me..." and everyone is satisfied and sticky with a clear mind and all that glitters is gold.

On the other hand, lets say youre walking through the grocery store and they have 95.5 WPLJ playing over the speakers. And next thing you know, your dick starts cumming and it wont stop cumming, busted your nut and you hit the ground runnin.

Both have their pros and cons. But ultimately I think the places that you might be hearing Smash Mouth these days are NOT the places you want to have your pants full of cum. Pants full of cum isnt ideal in any situation, but certainly not in elevators and doctors offices and all the places that play radio stations you're gonna hear Smash Mouth. Just make All Star your close out music and let the girl you just disappointed that you're still a shooting star who breaks the mold.

Whitney Cummings absolutely crushed this ATI because shes so goddam likable with every answer. Her new special "Can I Touch It?" is very funny, and very witty, and her bit about her sex robot is unlike any stand up segment you've ever seen.

Whitney said she heard of ATI after watching her buddy, that weirdo Bryan Callan, Answer The Internet:

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