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Wine Walk With Ice Cube

There aren’t many athletes/celebrities that make me nervous, and while I have been excited about a lot of guests, there hasn’t been a guest that has literally made me sweat… until Ice Cube.

Growing up in the hood in the late 80s/early 90s with people that were a little older than me, I knew Ice Cube as a legend. He was Doughboy in Boyz N The Hood, CRAIG! in Friday, and mainly he was somebody we could relate to. His characters, who HE was as a person, was someone we all knew… except he was famous.


I was honestly too young to understand what the NWA movement was when it was happening, but for years EVERYONE walked around with NWA shirts. At the time I just thought they were cool, but as I grew older I began to understand the message and why people loved Ice Cube so much.

His ability to speak his truth resonated with the people I knew and he gave us a voice.

So how much progress does he feel we’ve made since NWA first released Straight Outta Compton? Have things really changed? Did it freak him out to see his son look IDENTICAL to him in the film, Straight Outta Compton? What does he think he’s better at: writing lyrics, scripts, acting, rapping, or creating something new like BIG3 Basketball? And where did the idea for BIG3 come from and where does he see it going?

Tune in for this and for my inability to end the show the only way a show with Ice Cube should end…