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Stool Scenes Explained: Call Her Tommy


The clip from Stool Scenes that we will be examining in greater detail this week comes from Tom, who is the video editor and producer of Call Her Daddy. Now to give you bit more insight on Tom, he is the one man wrecking crew responsible for synthesizing the thoughts, feelings and lessons that come out of Alex and Sofia’s collective brain. And to make an analogy out of it, If Alex and Sofia are the Chernobyl of creating content (I mean that in the best way possible), than Tom is the concrete sarcophagus charged with managing their unrelenting energy, but is inches from melting down at any moment. And if any of you know anything about video editing, it should be that the job forces you to work late hours, which essentially turns your existence/sleep schedule into one that is similar to that of a house cat. So when I caught Tom sleeping at his desk I knew it was because he had probably been up all night editing, but it is my duty as the chief cinematographer, of the award winning Stool Scenes, to capture such moments. And as I was gazing at Tom peacefully slumber, I could not help but wonder what was rattling around in his skull. Was he having a nice dream where he was with Drake eating crab out in Malibu at Nobu? Or was he suffering from a haunting fever dream, wherein Alex and Sofia are using a mega phone to describe how to properly extract a mans soul via his colon? Unfortunately we will never know, but I will add that as he was sleeping he still had the podcast he was editing on full blast, so the megaphone dream seems more likely. Regardless, the edit of him waking up to the CHD jingle was one of the funniest clips from Stool Scenes I had seen in a while and the vlogs Tom and the girls make are lightning rods so you should check them out here.


If anyone can decipher what Dave means by the emoji in this tweet, I would greatly appreciate it.