Stool Scenes Explained: Gold Rundown "Riggs That Drunk Cross Eyed Fuck"


Last Friday as we were wrapping up stool scenes, Dave, Kevin and Big Cat were getting ready to film the satellite rundown for Barstool Gold. Typically, satellite means they all do it from their houses like the old days. Only problem was none of them were at home and were all within ten feet of each other at the office. But that’s a problem that is nothing for a crew of intellectuals like this. Thanks to some next level critical thinking, Pete’s mediocre understanding of technology, and an unquestionable commitment to the fans, they decided that they would all go into separate rooms, and skype each other from ten feet away. It’s the kind of thinking that separates that haves from the have nots. Dave was in his office, Big Cat was literally outside his door on the Rundown set, and KFC was in his studio. Unfortunately this mission started feeling a lot like Apollo 13 as Dave couldn’t figure out how to call anyone on Skype. Damage control Pete then stepped in and tried to figure out why every electronic device in Daves office was ringing. Once that fire was put out, he realized KFC couldn’t hear anybody and the bane of Pete’s existence (audio) started winning the war. Big Cat couldn’t hear Dave, Dave couldn’t hear KFC, and Pete still can’t locate a boner.

Long story short Big Cat and KFC had enough and decided to take matters into their own hands by going into Dave’s office so they couldn’t be bested by technology anymore. It was a hilariously “Barstool” moment that was only made funnier by Dave explaining how “Riggs that drunk fucking cross eyed fuck” behaved at game 5. I can only imagine what is in store for game 7.

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