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FULL VIDEO: Bussin' With The Boys - Eddie George

Recorded: August 19, 2020 | On this week's episode, Will is joined by Tennessee Titans LEGEND, Eddie George. Right out the gate, Will & Eddie swap stories of their different experiences playing ball growing up, and Will brings up a beef he's had with Eddie for the past 21 years. Next up, Eddie breaks down his path to playing at THE Ohio State University and ultimately becoming the best player in the country in '95 when he won the Heisman. He then gives us a look behind the curtain of what it was like playing in the later years of the Houston Oilers, and how tough it was during their move to Nashville.

Later on, Eddie goes into detail on his relationship on and off the field with Steve McNair, and what it was like seeing him grow as an NFL quarterback. He then explains some of the challenges he faced during his transition from the Titans to the Cowboys, and eventually his life after football. Finally, Eddie discusses what he's been doing off the field since his retirement from the league (starring in a Broadway play, founding a wealth management company, teaching at OSU, etc.) and he gives us his opinion on the Titans 2020 season and the NFL as a whole. A TON is covered in this one, so buckle up, it's a can't-miss!

Do you feel that? There's a bit of a chill in the air. Grab a dad hat & a hoodie, only 2 more weeks until we have NFL football on Sundays.

Last week's episode was a BANGER with good ol' country boy musician, Riley Green. Catch up if you somehow missed it.

Not only is last week's episode of Under The Hood already our most-watched vlog yet, but it's also our favorite one so far. The Bus was turned into a crime scene, Will & the boys put together the care packages for Team Bussin', CBD Jack set a world record, Blas put Josh through a crash course to teach him how to produce the Eddie George pod, and much more. Enjoy!