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Hard Factor 8/13: Meet 'Comma-La', What Is Congress Doing?

On Today's Episode of Hard Factor...

-Biden selects Kamala Harris as his VP pick and people are having a lot of difficulty pronouncing her name. We break who she is where she came from and whether on not Mike Pence will be allowed on stage to debate her without a chaperone. 

-Bad News/Good News: Bad News... Chicago riots.   Good news... The Big 12 has officially green-lit fall sports for the conference, listening to the will of the players of sports over the invisible force that seeks to destroy fall sports for all of us.

-Are you getting another stimulus check? Literally no one knows. 

-Uber and Lyft will most likely be shutting down in California. 

-Police in the Netherlands made quite a discovery this week as they uncovered the countries largest ever Cocaine factory at a former equestrian school in Nijiveen. 

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