KFC Radio: Liz Miele & Brent Terhune Interviews, We Might Be Cancelled, The Pull Tab Couple

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-Is the Wayfair Conspiracy Legit? 

-Will Smith and Jada Pinkett Smith 

-Quick "My Therapist Said" 

-Did 50 Cent really text Will Smith? 

-Why is Cake trending?

 -We may have just self cancelled 

-Top 5 Tuesday: Things People love that we hate 

-Voicemails: The Pull Tab Couple Saga 

(01:39:16) Comedian Liz Miele joins the show. We discuss her new special "Self Help Me", comedy bombs vs life bombs, New York Comedy, and much more. Catch her latest special here:

Check out her podcast here:

(02:16:08) KFC sits down with political satirist Brent Terhune to discuss his wildly popular rant videos, his background in stand up comedy, and much more. 

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