Part I on Gerry Cooney 

On This Week's Twisted History of The Sweet Science:

- Panama Lewis Incident 

- The despicable Don King -

- Emile Griffith III ends boxing on T.V. 

- Shane Mosley v. Antonio Margarito (loaded wraps) 

- Irish Billy Collins v. Luis Resto, Plaster of Paris:

Quotes from today's episode:

Large: "Gerry, have you ever been approached to do something shady?"

Gerry Cooney: "What happened to me, I was (one of) the only guys who didn’t sign with Don King. I wanted to fight for the title at age 21, 22, and King was keeping me out. That was experience I couldn’t get, and I could have learned. I would have loved to have that championship.

On Fighting Champion Larry Holmes in 1982:

He was patient, I learned things from him, he dropped me in the second round and when he went back to his corner and they said: Why didn’t you open up on this guy?! He said to them: This guy can punch!

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