More Awful Dating Profiles

Awful Dating Profiles 

The third picture is what people really look like. We BURY that picture. Rule of thumb with group pictures, it's usually the ugliest one (4:40)

Joey writes in about Hinge. No guy wants a woman who is competitive about EVERYTHING. Tacos are the new pizza, it signifies low-maintenance. What would you order for the brunch table? Every answer on the app is pancakes (8:58)

Travel and wine. Jim doesn't want a woman who wants to travel. NO. (13:54)

Nick writes in, bemoaning the profile pictures that people choose. Some have literally none. Oh, and If you see anything regarding a zombie apocalypse out there, please email the the show (14:55)

"Pain in the ass, but with a good heart." - I'd rather take someone with NO HEART that leaves me alone. (19:46)

If I could have a superpower, it would b- "ENOUGH with the superpowers, nobody is every going to be granted a superpower. I wish I could time travel back to the day before I met you." (24:47)

"What's your greatest travel story? Getting locked on a hotel rooftop in Rome." - YUCK. (39:00)

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