Pros and Joes Episode #3 - Loyola-Chicago Head Coach Porter Moser

On this week’s episode of Pros and Joes, we are joined by Loyola-Chicago Head Coach Porter Moser to give us the actual behind-the-scenes look at the emotion behind a Final Four run, discuss how he determines which players to recruit, and explain why the city of Chicago loved the Ramblers so much.

We also bring on our resident WWE expert Chris to evaluate Pat McAfee’s performance on the NXT Pre-show, talk about that loser Patrick Reed wearing his green jacket everywhere he fucking goes, and then two of us decided to challenge Aldon Smith to a Rough ‘N Rowdy fight.

Check it out, give us a chance. If nothing else, the sound quality is finally good (looking at you Dylan) and the music we listen to is actually good.

Episode #3 is available on iTunes as well