PMT 4-6 With Ryan Whitney And The Foreplay Boys + Brain Dump Friday

Conor McGregor goes crazy in Brooklyn and we ask the question is he too big for the UFC. Masters are here and Tiger battled the course and the Azaleas + Sergio gave up on life and will never win a Major. Kyrie Irving is hurt and the Team Lebron curse lives on. Brain dump Friday including a new way to create energy and how we can capitalize on starting fake death rumors. Ryan Whitney joins the show to talk to us about who will win the Stanley Cup Final, which team is shitpumpin other teams, and why basketball players are soft. The ForePlay boys (@RiggsBarstool, @BarstoolTrent) join the show live from Augusta to tell us about Day 1 of the Masters and Tiger’s chances to win the tournament. Segments include Embrace Debate, Stay Woke, Tebow Update, the new segment “Whoa”, Take Quake Stephen A Smith thinks Josh Rosen wants to go to NYC because it has more Jews, and PMT FAQ