The Pat McAfee Show 4-5 A Friday Like Thursday

On today’s show, Pat, and Shaun are joined by the rest of the Heartland Radio guys before Pat leaves for New Orleans for his hosting gig live on Saturday night at the NXT Live Preshow before Wrestlemania. The guys discuss their favorite news stories of the week including kids pulling condoms through their noses and out of their mouths, Tim McAfee aka Block Dad’s continued fame and Pat’s appearance on Headline News to discuss the video, how excited everyone is for the Masters and whether Tiger can win another green jacket, and much more. After the show, stick around for this week’s wrestling recap with Rip Rogers, Nick, Vibbs, and Robbie Fox live in studio to discuss everything you need to know about Wrestlemania and what they’re looking forward to most about the weekend in New Orleans (1:03:26). It’s a good time. Come laugh with us, cheers.