Pros and Joes Episode #2 - Blood Oaths, Buzzer Beaters, and Tiger's Texts

Hey guys, let’s get real for a second.

Everyone on this podcast is a huge Barstool fan, and we have been for a long time. When Frank became an NBA player (we didn’t expect it either) we obviously had the opportunity to reach an audience with either a podcast, video, or some other form of media.

The first thing we wanted to do was get involved with the audience here at Barstool.

So you can trash it (we’re brand new to this) or you can love it. You can follow us on twitter @barstoolprojoes or you can not do that. Either way, give us a chance if you’d be so kind. This week’s episode has the following:

  • We read all of Tiger Woods’ dirty text messages out loud against Frank’s wishes
  • Discuss when it’s okay to ask Frank to pay for us and when it’s definitely not
  • Recap the Final Four and talk about the weird obsession Villanova has with Italian guys
  • Alex signs a blood oath to not take a job until he runs out his 11k credit line he took out last week when he got fired from his job for doing this podcast

If you wanna write “nah” or don’t want to try, that’s okay. Honestly we appreciate you, the audience of Barstool, because we wouldn’t have this chance if you guys weren’t what you are. So thank you.

Also, we shit on Frank a lot. Take a listen.