Section 10 Podcast Ep. 157: The Road To 161-1 Is On



WE’VE GOT REGULAR SEASON PODCASTS UP IN THIS BITCH! In case you missed it, during the regular season, we go to two episodes a week — Tuesday and Thursday. One episode will feature Coley and the other will have Feits. This is a Coley episode.

We open the show talking about Jim Buchanan AKA Joe Kelly blowing Opening Day, how we need to pump the brakes on thinking that the bullpen is a dumpster fire, how the Red Sox seem to be playing looser, how the Red Sox have been playing Fortnite in the clubhouse and how that never would’ve happened under John Farrell.

First Fuckin’ with Hubbs of the season — Talk how he roots for a team that’s kinda trash, Aaron Boone having a tough start, Dellin Betances is ruined, John Sterling’s Giancarlo Stanton home run call being horrendous, Hubbs flips out about snow out for Opening Day and goes off the rails about some charity dinner.

The show resumes with a discussion about Boone showing his inexperience, Gabe Kapler already wearing out his welcome in Philly, Andrew Benintendi needing to dump his girlfriend because he’s been awful at the plate to start the year, Section 10 listeners bringing signs to the games, and we unveil the brand new SeatGeek promo that’s a fuckin’ DEAL and a half for Red Sox fans.

Down in the DM — How often did you guys wear a jersey or shirsey in school? Is Xander Bogaerts the best hitter in baseball? Can the Red Sox go 161-1? Charlie (girl) says the guy she went out with was upset she was watching the Sox game when she was out with him at the bar. Which Celtics players would be best on the Red Sox? What baseball thing do you guys want to be banned? Which Red Sox player is most likely to creep on girls via DM?


Leave your Red Sox reactions throughout the week on our voicemail, and they could be used at the end of the show: 781-366-0950.