The Pat McAfee Show 4-3

On today’s show, Pat, Shaun, Nick and Digs discuss the launch of Pat’s new company,, on the back of Tim McAfee going viral for pulling off the greatest Jenga move of all-time on Easter Sunday. The guys also discuss Pat watching Jesus Christ Superstar, as  he tries to piece together the story, whether or not hitmen would’ve used social media, and cover some other stories making waves in the news. Pat, Vibbs, and Nick also take a trip to Rip Rogers’ wrestling school to get a better understanding of all the wrestling terminology ahead of Wrestlemania in New Orleans (37:07). Later, the guys are joined by Tom Segura in an absolutely hilarious interview about Pat’s first time on his podcast, his new Netflix special, some of his favorite jokes to tell on stage, and what it’s like being surrounded by and working with so many incredible comedians (1:12:38). It’s a good time, come laugh with us. Cheers.