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The Pat McAfee Show 2-15 I'm A Big J Journalist Now

On today’s show, Pat, Shaun, Digs, and Nick chat about Pat’s breakthrough moment as a legitimate big J journalist during Frank Reich’s introductory press conference for the Colts (8:40). They discuss the latest news from the winter Olympics, and also breakdown what Valentine’s Day actually means, and Pat brings his Valentine’s Day gift into the studio. They also discuss how Pat will be retiring from chugging beers, as he reflects on what an incredible run it has been (37:31). After the episode, Rip Rogers and Barstool’s WWE/MMA blogger Robbie Fox join the show to recap everything that has been going on in the WWE and give a little preview of what to expect at Rough N’ Rowdy 2  (BUY NOW) (57:26). Come laugh with us. Cheers.