Starting 9 Episode 29: Jessica Kleinschmidt

On Episode 29 of Starting 9, we’ve got Jessica Kleinschmidt of’s Cut 4 on with us. In our conversation with Jessica, she shares her experience as a woman working in sports, how she got her start as a writer, the day that Dallas Braden threw a perfect game, how important it is to gear her message towards a younger audience, what her response is to the “baseball is boring” crowd, three storylines she’s paying attention to this spring, what team she would pick to watch this season if she could only watch one team, what she thinks Sammy Sosa is doing right this second, how often she is mistaken for Topanga, and more.

Other topics discussed — we’ve got a top free agent actually signing with a baseball team. We break down Yu Darvish to the Cubs and where that puts Chicago amongst the best rotations in baseball. We talk about the lawsuit against ACES that could potentially implicate a number of their clients as PED users, engage in a big Rough N Rowdy discussion featuring Smitty and KFC, which turns into a story about how JayHay cucked Smitty back in high school, Matt Kemp losing 40 pounds upon his return to the Dodgers, and Twitter questions from the Grounds Crew.


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