If A Girl Requests Videos Of You Jerking Off That's Too Far Right? (NOT About Me)

This was one of my favorite voicemails in a while strictly because the dude asking it had a deep southern accent, one of those “he might be talking about his cousin” twangs, you know? Also he ended the call with “are ya’ll sending the jerk off videos?” which cracked me up.

But no, I am not. I won’t speak for men as a whole, you guys can do your own thing, but I think that’s where I’m drawing the sexting line, though I’ve never been asked so I can’t say for sure what I’d do. Nevertheless, sitting here as a man who hasn’t been asked I just think it’s too far. You want a picture? Sure, I’ll fire up the camera and photoshop and work out a passable penis image. But once something is on video I feel like you lose more control of the narrative. Things can go awry fast with fat and titties jiggling all over the place.

Plus, I have no desire to ever see what I look like jerking off and sharing that with the world. I’d try and look sexy but it’s undoubtedly a horrific image. No one wants to see that, stop asking ladies.

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