Starting 9 Episode 25: Jonathan Lucroy





This week on Starting 9, baseball things actually happened! Wow! We’re talking about the trade that sent Andrew McCutchen from the Pittsburgh Pirates to the San Francisco Giants, the frustration that Pirates fans must be feeling right now, how the trade impacts the Giants moving forward, how much San Francisco’s postseason chances were helped by this move, and whether or not the Pirates are done selling off their assets.

Our guest this week is Jonathan Lucroy, who is a free agent. Because of that, we couldn’t help but ask him about being a free agent during one of the slowest offseasons of all-time, how much information he likes to get from his agent about the free agent process as it’s happening, his thoughts on the report that speculated collusion could be holding up free agency, addressing the pushback that he got from vetoing a trade to the Cleveland Indians in 2016, his thoughts on aquariums, and what it was like to play alongside Nolan Arenado every day. That, and a lot more.

Other topics discussed are Derek Jeter wanting to tear down the Marlins home run sculpture, Christian Yelich’s relationship with the Marlins being described as “damaged” by his agent, and we debut a new segment this week — Mets Meltdown with your boy KFC. Kevin rants about the Mets and gets his frustrations out, which one might imagine aren’t going to be alleviated any time soon. We finish off the show with your Twitter questions, which include what sport we’d play growing up if it weren’t for baseball, what any pitcher in history we’d choose to have an at-bat against, who we’d pick between Barry Bonds and Mike Trout to start a team with and more!


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