Starting 9 Episode 21: Jayson Stark



We’ve got a big guest on Starting 9 again this week, Jayson Stark, former ESPN scribe and author of three must-read baseball books, including Wild Pitches: Rumblings, Grumblings, and Reflections on the Game I Love. He’s got a Hall of Fame vote, so we had an in-depth discussion on his voting process, his take on the character clause, how he looks at the Steroid Era while voting, voting on the special committee to put in Allan Trammell and Jack Morris, and what he thinks is wrong with the Hall of Fame ballot. That, and a lot more with Stark.

Other topics discussed — Peter Angelos is an idiot and he needs to let Dan Duquette do his job, Evan Longoria traded to the San Francisco Giants, Zach Britton has a torn achilles tendon, Tim Lincecum is working out and looking to pitch again in 2018, Yu Darvish meets with the Cubs, Phillies sign Carlos Santana, Angels sign Zack Cozart, the dumpster fire Derek Jeter town hall meeting with Marlins fans, and Twitter questions.


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