The Podfathers Break Down The Things That Stink About Christmas As An Adult

Christmas seems to have come under fire lately. Some people have the nerve to put it behind Thanksgiving or the 4th of July in their power rankings. But the fact of the matter is that Christmas is the GOAT as long as it’s centered around a shitload of gifts, the Christmas glow, seasonal candies, and “All I Want For Christmas Is You”

HOWEVA, THAT BEING SAID, AT THE END OF THE DAY, there are some parts of Christmas that lose their luster as you get older. And especially once you become a parent. Christmas goes from a holiday where you get bukkake’d with gifts to a holiday where you are doing stuff seemingly every day to your kids. Maybe you are buying presents, putting up lights like Clark Griswold, or lugging in a huge tree because real trees are the only way to go.

No matter what, there is a shit ton more work to do and it kiiiiinda sucks. It really sucks. Well at least the stuff we actually do. Chaps and I talked about it and it sounds like the Podmothers do most of the heavy lifting, which is no surprise since they are the straw the stirs the drink in our house. Some of our listeners wrote in with their least favorite parts of Christmas as well.

We also got some fantastic Mayday Line calls from people in distress with their kids and in laws during the “Most Wonderful Time Of The Year”.