Starting 9 Episode 4 Featuring Two-Time World Series Champion David Ross


On Episode 4 of Starting 9, we’ve got one of the greatest guys to ever put on a major league uniform, two-time World Series champion, David Ross. In our interview with Rossy, we’re talking about life after the game, his favorite pitcher to catch that’s not named Jon Lester, talking about the Red Sox 2013 World Series title run, the Cubs’ 2016 title run, what it was like to be so embraced in Chicago even before the World Series as someone who hadn’t been there very long, if he was nervous going into Game 7 of the World Series, what was going through his mind when he took Andrew Miller deep, what he was thinking when Rajai Davis hit that home run off of Aroldis Chapman, Jason Heyward’s speech during the rain delay, what it’s like to be wanted as a baseball player by Theo Epstein (twice), and a lot more.

Before that, we’re talking about the article that detailed the Little League World Series kids’ favorite baseball players, and how there was absolutely zero mention of Mike Trout. We discuss why that might be and whether or not that’s a problem, which turns into a discussion about who our favorite players were growing up and why we were so drawn to them. We talk about the umpires protesting because players are mean to them, and Dallas gives us a story about his run-in with Bob Davis down in Double-A. MLB is implementing a league-wide fan code of conduct next year, and Dallas details the worst shit that he ever heard from fans during his playing days. We revisit the American League Wild Card standings and comb through who’s in, who’s out, who we think is going to end up with that second Wild Card spot, and who we want to see end up with that second Wild Card spot.

We’ve got a fancy new voicemail that we set up for multiple purposes. If you need to rant about your team, or you have a question about your team, or you want to react to something that happened in real time (Rich Hill losing the perfect game and no-hitter last night would be a perfect example) then you can hit us up at 862-295-1763. This week, we took a couple voicemail questions — the first one being from a Yankees fan and a Mets fan who want to know who we’d rather build a team around, Michael Conforto or Aaron Judge? Second question comes from a Tigers fan who wants to know if Justin Verlander will get dealt before the end of August, and Dallas and I talk about where we think he’ll end up if he does, in fact, get moved.

Twitter questions this week — Should the Wild Card game be expanded to a three-game series? Which player currently on the disabled list will have the biggest impact on his team’s postseason chances? What are your thoughts about Joe Girardi pinch hitting for Aaron Judge to end his strikeout streak?