Happy Court Number 2: Tex, Big Cat Air Their Grievances And Settle Their Differences Once And For All

There really isn’t any better beef than Tex vs. Big Cat. Not just at Barstool. Anywhere. So, based on our track record of peaceably settling the Buddha Ben vs. Mike the Bike Michael the Cycle Mini Buddha Mr. Met (because of how big his head has gotten) beef, Young and Happy’s Happy Court was the best way to get to the bottom of the lovers’ quarrel.

And mind you, our goal wasn’t to end the beef and seize that entertainment from you all. We just wanted to understand.

And as arduous as the road was, it took us to somewhere magical.

Speaking of magical, this week on Young and Happy has been a bucket of heat.

From Nate opening up:

To Diss Week:

To Devlin showing why he’s one of the sneaky funniest people in the office:


To Gay Pat talking that SHIT:

Not to mention the fact that the Wonton Don himself came on the pod we recorded today, where he talked about being one of the founding member of Timeflies, the time where he got booked for a rap show in rural China based on his drunken freestyle abilities, and where Donnie drops an exclusive freestyle that’s making me wonder who in this office doesn’t rap.

And, outside of the surprise guest we’ll have on Friday, we’ve got some video coming out this week. Bub Fux and I met with some roly-poly Phish heads outside their show on Tuesday and the footage should be out tomorrow.

A small spoiler; Bub does his first drug, and its a balloon filled with badness.

Oh, and Caleb and I will drop the first of two videos from the Brickyard 400 on Friday, plus another Diss Week. I will keep saying it; at Young and Happy, if you’re not keeping up, you’re fucking up.