From The Top Rope With Rone, Kevin Condron, And Scorpio Sky Is Now LIVE!

The Mega Powers collide this week when Carrabis and I met for the very first time…while recording our show.

We talk everything from Brock Lesnar going to the UFC, to Seth Rollins’ horrendous new theme, to Dolph Ziggler possibly retiring, to Enzo Amore being dead forever, to Kevin Owens vs AJ Styles with Shane McMahon as the special guest referee, to Shinsuke Nakamura dropping John Cena on his fucking head. Rone joins us for Cream of the Crop and we talked about our favorite wrestling video games, and then we got his old buddy from college, Kevin Condron, on the line to talk about founding r/SquaredCircle and wrestling on the independent scene. Scorpio Sky comes in at the end to hype up his big match against Cody Rhodes this weekend on