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Task Force Violent Is Still Trying To Clear Their Names 10 Years Later


Fox Company had been set up to fail from Day One. The Marines were sent into the war zone dangerously under-resourced only to be orphaned once in theater without a clearly defined mission. After the attack on March 4, 2007, they were portrayed as possible war criminals by the media and senior military commanders more immediately concerned with political fallout than determining ground truth. And when a military tribunal definitively cleared Fox Company’s Marines of wrongdoing, their exoneration never received the same degree of media coverage as the initial allegations.

This week on Zero Blog Thirty we spoke with Andrew Degrandepre who is a senior editor with Military Times. Andrew set the table for us on the back story of Task Force Violent. After March 4th of 2007, the rules of engagement shifted greatly in both combat theaters and what happened in Afganistan that day played a huge role in the decision to change course. Andrew walks us through what actually happened as well as what the boys from Fox Company are currently going through.

We also introduced a new segment called Doggie Bag where I’ll be answering questions on how to make your personal dog a little less of an asshole.

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