KFC Radio - Podcaster's Choice Edition

10 episodes in to KFC Radio Season 2 and people have still been emailing me and texting me asking what the deal is with the new show. A lot of people were a little hesitant. A little scared, if you will. So this show is to catch you up on everything thats unfolded so far. Some of the funniest segments and inside jokes that have come out of the first month, as selected by the people on the show. This way when we reference Asa’s dumb ass candle idea or joke about one of Feitelberg’s fetishes that arose from his Christmas when he was 8 years old, you’ll know what we mean. If anybody out there is asking what the new show is all about, this is the episode to show them.

PS – Going forward we’re gonna have Charlie Wisco make these every month. Quote unquote “Best Ofs” but instead of like an all time greatest hits, just each month in review. Keep everyone up to date on things they might have missed or bits they want to listen to again.