Larry Murphy Got The Best Kind Of Trade Call---Going From The Mediocre Leafs To A Stacked Red Wings Team

Hockey Hall of Fame defenseman Larry Murphy joined the Spittin' Chiclets boys for this week's episode and took us through his spectacular career. He was the only NHL player in the 1990s to win four Stanley Cups, going back-to-back with the Penguis then Red Wings. Another crazy stat: Murphy played with at least one other future HHOFer in each of his 21 NHL seasons. Of course we discussed the trade that took him from Toronto to a veritable All-Star team in Detroit.

The boys also wrapped up the second round and gave predictions for the conference finals. Biz wondered if perhaps the Oilers are being taken too lightly by some.

Also, Biz cops to being the real fugazi all along. 

But he does stroke off Shesterkin a bit.

Not sure this aged too well after last night's game...

Chiclets gon' Chiclet.

Another fun ep, give it a whirl.