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Nobody Wants Cracking Aces To Succeed More Than David Scott Portnoy


There's nothing like a good ol' fashioned "atta boy" from the bossman himself. This job can be thankless at times. You grind and grind and grind and never hear a peep from the big guy. You can go years working here and hardly get a "good job" from ol' DSP. But we finally did it. Cracking Aces is on his radar and he LOVES it. He's a fan. He is pulling for the dumb little poker podcast that could(n't). So thank you, Dave, truly. 



And if you listen to this week's episode of the show, it was a fun one. We had on WPT player of the year and big time degen Jake Ferro. His story is your classic poker player- tried to go pro, went broke instead, got a 9-5, and then gave it another go around. Watch this video for a pretty good summary of his poker career:



$4,000 to his name and he played in a $2,200 poker tournament, finishing 2nd for $120,000. That is the thing dreams are made of. (We must remind you to gamble responsibly). He then blew all of that $120k and had to start from the bottom again. His Hendon Mob is crazy:




He started November 2021 playing a $150 tournament and he ended December 2021, merely a month later, finishing 5th in a $50,000 buy-in tournament. It's literally insane. He told the entire story of how that came to be on the podcast, it's really quite a listen.



Thanks to everyone who digs the show. Obviously we are just a small little poker podcast, but we have on all the best players and best guests and it's fun to just shoot the shit talking poker with the fellas for an hour once a week. (And no, we don't use any company resources, I do it all myself for those wondering lol). It's just a fun side-project. But we are presented by WhistlePig. The PiggyBacks, which come in cans, are 8% alcohol and delicious. If you don't fancy yourself a "whiskey guy", these still hit the spot. Much better than seltzers. 


On this coming up episode next week, we have RAMPAGE.



The Prince of Puntville will join us to talk about his rise, moving to Vegas, and the art of the punt. Can't wait.



PS: Hope it hit 0.