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Packers RB Aaron Jones Basically "No Sir'd" Me To Death On My Own Podcast

I know Aaron Jones never loses to the Bears and I know he’s one of the best running backs in the NFL and that’s EXACTLY why I love that he calls me sir for our entire interview. Hey Aaron you work for Barstool Chicago now pal. I need help organizing the most recent merch dump and we need someone to clear out the loose deer parts from our fridge. Don’t call me sir then turn around and big league my demands. I expect to see you Monday. 

I also expect Aaron Jones to hang 57 fantasy points next time out to Soldier Field thanks to White Sox Dave’s big fat mouth acting like he’d get stabbed by our season ticket holders. Bet. Aaron Jones didn’t hesitate for a millisecond. He saw an opportunity to make WSD eat shit and he jumped right on it. Bet. I have to give Dave credit for sticking to his guns but that doesn’t make it a smart move. Aaron Jones is going to Lambeau leap his way into our nightmares. 

In related news, I can’t help but wonder how I’d feel if Roquan went on a Packers show and was cordial. But then I remember we basically never beat the Packers so it’s not really the same relationship. We have it much harder so let me just say one last thing. I respect Aaron Jones for coming on but I don’t want any of my Chicago guys doing the same. I know that makes me a gigantic hypocrite and guess what I don’t care. There'

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