Having A Squatter In Your Condo Sounds Like The Most Miserable Experience In The Entire World


Here's something that's really cool- we're a sponsored podcast now! WhistlePig has jumped on board the CA train, and I think that's just amazing. Uncle Chaps got me on WhistlePig a while back because I told him I'm not really a whiskey drinker. He was like you're drinking the wrong shit, drink WhistlePig instead, and boy was he right. Well, fast forward a couple years and wouldn't you know it, our dumb little poker podcast that could is now sponsored by WhistlePig! 


On the first episode of the new year, we talked some poker, we talked about doing drugs and moving to Florida, and then Jake told us a horror story- he has a condo in Boston as an investment, and he has squatters in it. What does that mean? Oh, no big deal, just that the people he's renting to aren't paying rent, but they also won't leave, and Massachusetts doesn't have laws set up to evict them. Seriously. It's almost like paying rent is just a handshake agreement in Mass that you can't enforce. It sounds like an absolute NIGHTMARE.



So Jake now has to deal with lawyers and the court system to get people out of the condo HE PAYS FOR. It's LUNACY.

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